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Guide to the Use of Grease for Electric Lifting Table 2

Scientific research shows that whether it is sedentary office or long-term standing office has bad physiological effects on the human body, only sitting and standing alternate office work is the most scientific and healthiest office method. Electric lifting tables come into being. The value is to help the office crowd bid farewell to sedentary work and realize standing office. Alternating sitting and standing office will lead to a great change in healthy office.

 Guide to the Use of Grease for Electric Lifting Table 2

Electric lifting table is mainly assembled by motor + screw + steel pipe. Generally, electricity is used as the power source, and the height of the lifting table is adjusted by the motor control mechanism. The height of the lifting table can also be adjusted by the compressor controlling the pneumatic rod or hydraulic rod. the height of. The main movement process is to rely on the sliding of a single column or a double column to carry out this process of lifting and shrinking. During this movement, the two-stage screw slide produces friction, and the up and down friction of the inner tube causes the hand feeling to be unsmooth, and it will emit Relatively loud noise, in order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, the electric lift table needs to be added with grease during production to alleviate these phenomena


Grease location:


The one or two sections of the screw rod slide up and down easily to produce high noise

Screw rod inner wall

The up and down friction of the inner tube causes the hand feel to be unsmooth and noise.

The screw rod and the steel wall inner pipe require grease to achieve anti-wear, noise reduction and lubrication. Apply anti-wear lithium-based grease evenly on the secondary screw, then put it into the primary screw assembly, and apply silencer grease on the joint of the steel pipe. Because the electric lifting table is to be repeatedly operated and raised for a long time, the abrasion resistance and viscosity of the grease are higher.


Baoxing provides special lubricating grease for the electric lifting table of Zhejiang Jiechang. Before the electric lifting table of Jiechang company uses our company’s grease, some customers have reported that it will be stuck during the lifting process after a long time. The phenomenon of normal operation, after research, it is found that the lubricating performance of the grease used in use is insufficient, and the anti-wear performance is also relatively weak. The grease provided by Baoxing adds the anti-wear performance and lubricity of the grease on the original basis, and is durable. The performance has also been strengthened, which solves the problems of jams and loud noises during operation. The finished products produced have been unanimously satisfied by customers.


Applicable Model:

Recommended grease for screw rod: BX-136+289+303 series

Recommended for steel pipe inner wall: BX-120+303 series

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