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Food grade grease is very important for meat grinders

Dec. 24, 2020

Whether it is a commercial meat grinder or a small domestic meat grinder, there is a gear box structure. In order to extend the service life of the meat grinder, the manufacturer will add grease to the meat grinder gear box for lubrication assistance, in order to reduce the operation of the meat grinder At the same time, the lubricating grease must have excellent noise reduction performance. It is especially important that everyone in today's society pays great attention to safety and health issues. The state also strictly examines and controls food safety and health issues in this regard, so the meat grinder The grease used in the gearbox must be food grade grease.

Food-grade grease applied to meat grinder gears can effectively reduce gear noise, lubricate and protect gears from instantaneous wear, prevent rust, corrosion, oxidation, no mold, prevent bacterial growth, protect food safety, and have excellent adhesion performance. Long-lasting lubrication extends service life. There are many greases on the market that claim to be food-grade greases. We must look for food-grade greases that meet the NSF H1 food-grade certification certified by the NSF certification body, an authority in the field of public health and safety in the United States.

If non-food grade grease is used in the gear box of a meat grinder, it will contaminate the food through the food and enter the human body to threaten people’s health. For the health and safety of the people of the world, we all hope that the gear box of the meat grinder can be used truly Comply with food grade lubricating grease.

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