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Precautions for grease for oven rails

Dec. 21, 2020

If the hinge is the heart of the oven, then the slide is the kidney. Whether large and small drawers can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, as well as the load-bearing capacity, depends on the support of sliding rails. The material, principle, structure, craftsmanship, etc. of the oven slides are very different. The high-quality slides have low resistance, long life and smooth drawers. The use of lubricating oil is to apply high-temperature oven lubricating oil on the sliding plate to form a protective film on the surface to reduce its friction. Taking into account that some of them will come into contact with food and require food-grade, we can according to customer requirements and Structure to provide suitable grease.


So, what are the requirements for oven rail oil?


1. High temperature 270°~290°C use environment


2. Passed food grade certification


3. No taste


4. Cannot smoke for a long time


Baoxing BX-300/F(DF) series is suitable for the oven rail industry and various high-temperature environments above 300℃. It is specially developed for various well-known brands. It meets the food-grade FDA-H1, and the temperature is wide -50℃+ 300°C.

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