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Must food machinery use food grade lubricants?

Dec. 24, 2020

With the development of society and the improvement of people's safety awareness, food hygiene is gradually being replaced by food safety. In recent years, food problems have emerged one after another, and food hygiene has attracted more and more attention.


In the food processing process, adding lubricating oil can effectively reduce friction and wear and extend the service life of the machine. However, if the oil is used improperly, it is likely to pollute the food, thereby affecting people's health.


Baoxing has focused on R&D and production of food-grade lubricants for 15 years. It has a dust-free production workshop for food-grade lubricants. The products are pollution-free. The food-grade lubricants are complete. The food-grade lubricants have NSF certification, and the products are safe and reliable. Baoxing specializes in custom production of high temperature grease, low temperature grease, high temperature resistant grease, high temperature resistant lubricating oil, high temperature chain oil, food grade lubricating oil, because of its focus and professionalism, it has won the trust of customers with solid technology, free sampling


In order to solve food safety issues, food-grade lubricants will become special lubricants for the food industry in the future, and will play an important role in the food processing industry.


Baoxing food-grade lubricants are refined with special imported food-grade raw materials and food-grade additives. The clean and tidy production workshop is strictly controlled. The production process is strictly controlled, non-toxic and harmless, to ensure that the grease is not polluted, and meets NSF H1 food Level certification. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, excellent waterproof, anti-oxidation and anti-emulsification properties. They are all used in: food, pharmacy, beer, dairy products, cosmetics, containers and tea, poultry slaughter, meat processing, etc. To protect your equipment, make food safer and life healthier.

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