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BX-300/F(DF) Series Food Grade High Temperature Fluorine-Containing Grease

BX-300/F (DF) series food grade high temperature fluorine-containing grease is a special thickening agent thickening synthetic oil, and is added with various high-efficiency antioxidants, structure improving agents, anti-wear agents and solid lubricants.The base oil has high temperature stability and high use temperature; high-efficiency antioxidant can effectively inhibit oil oxidation under high temperature; solid lubricant improves the load carrying capacity of the grease;Suitable for cleaning places, the base oil film is thick and the adhesion is good.Conforms to European environmental standards: ROHS and REACH standards and US FDA food grade standards, which provide NSF verification.

product description

Product Features

Test ItemsBX-300/F(DF-3)BX-300/F(DF-5A)BX-300/F(DF-5)Test Methods
Base oilSynthetic oilSynthetic oilSynthetic oil
Penetration265-295310-340265-295GB/T 269
Consistency value (NLGI)212
Working temperature ℃-40℃ to +300℃-40℃ to +400℃-40℃ to +400℃
Drop point ℃nononoGB/T 3498
Copper corrosion (100 ℃ / 24Hrs)qualifiedqualifiedqualifiedGB/T 7326
Four ball test (40kg/1 Hrs /1200rpm/75℃)250KG250KG250KGGB/T 0202

Product Usage

 With wide operating temperature, it is especially suitable for lubrication and anti-wear at high temperature.

 Lubrication and noise reduction of low-speed gearboxes, toys, home appliances, computer accessories, and electronic motors.

 Suitable for high temperature fan, plastic stretching tenter, polyester heat setting machine, resin finishing machine, molten salt pump motor, long ring steaming machine, high temperature dyeing cylinder, steaming machine bearing lubrication.

 It is especially suitable for lubrication and protection of high temperature bearings, chains, slide rails, gears, couplings, etc. that require environmental cleaning.

 Suitable for all kinds of food machinery and transmission structure.

Standard models: BX-300/F(DF-3), BX-300/F(DF-5A), BX-300/F(DF-5)

Specification: 15KG/ barrel (plastic barrel)

Storage: indoor, normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight

The above information is for reference only. The actual performance and application are subject to the customer test results. Please pay attention to the test. Please use it after the test.

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