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BX-455 Multi-Purpose High Adhesion Waterproof Grease

BX-455 Multi-purpose high-adhesion waterproof grease is developed with a lithium complex soap base and a high-viscosity base oil. Its unique structure is suitable for working at high temperatures, anti-wear and noise reduction, and has good resistance to extreme pressure and water resistance.

product description

Product Advantages

High adhesion on metal surfaces.

Eliminate noise, anti-wear and extreme pressure.

Good mechanical lubricity and high oxidation stability.

Good waterproof function.

Compliant with American astm-f963, 16P, REACH and European ROHS standards.

Suitable for all kinds of plastics and metals. 

Product Features

Test itemsBX-455Test Methods
colourTransparent colorIP196
Base oilSemi-synthetic oil
Penetration310-340GB/T 269
Consistency value (NLGI)1
Working temperature ℃-25℃ to +150℃
Drop point ℃180℃GB/T 3498
Copper corrosion (100 ℃/ 24Hrs)qualifiedGB/T 7326

Product Usage

Shock absorbers or lifting rods and auto parts for office seats.

All kinds of plastic gearboxes reduce noise and lubrication.

Waterproof and lubricated for all kinds of water supplies.


Standard model: BX-455

Packing specification: 15KG (plastic barrel)

Storage: indoor, normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight


The above information is for reference only. The actual performance and application are subject to the customer test results. Please pay attention to the test. Please use it after the test.

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