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BX-300/E(SG) Series Food Grade High Temperature Full-Effect Perfluoropolyether Grease

BX-300/E(SG) series of food grade high temperature full-effect perfluoropolyether grease, thickened with perfluoropolyether synthetic oil with special thickening agent, and added with various additives by special process. Has good lubricity, chemical inertness, high temperature stability and oxidation resistance. Applicable to the lubrication requirements of various motors and rolling bearings with long-term high temperature requirements, gears, machinery and other components of motor-drive mechanisms .The product has a long life and excellent lubrication and anti-wear performance in a high temperature working environment of 350℃.

product description

Product Advantages

Excellent high temperature stability and oxidation stability; 

Consistent change with temperature, low volatility at high temperature; 

Excellent low temperature start-up performance;

Excellent resistance to water, oxidation and chemical corrosion.

Good adhesion, low friction coefficient and high load carrying capacity.

Extremely long service life, after testing, under the test condition of 280 ℃, compared with the high-quality high-temperature grease thickened with synthetic oil on the market, the service life of SG-802 is more than ten times that of synthetic high-temperature grease; 

Far more than mineral high temperature grease, and no coke deposits.

Conforms to European environmental standards: ROHS and REACH standards and the US FDA-1-11 standard.


Test ItemsBX-300/E(SG)BX-300/E(SG-1)Test Methods
Base oilPerfluoropolyetherPerfluoropolyether
Penetration265-295265-295GB/T 269
Consistency value (NLGI)22
Density (g/cm3)1.91.9
Working temperature℃-40℃to +280℃-50℃ to +280℃GB/T 269-1991
Drop point℃nonoGB/T 3498
Copper corrosion (100℃ / 24Hrs)qualifiedqualifiedGB/T 7326
Steel mesh oil distribution 24h 100℃<3.0%<3.0%<3.0%
Evaporation loss (120℃, 22 h)<1.0%<1.0%SH/T 0661-1998(2005)


With wide operating temperature, it is especially suitable for lubrication and anti-wear at high temperature.

Automotive wiper motor bearings, lubrication and sealing under strong corrosive environment, in rubber, metal, plastic and other sliding parts.

Shaft lubrication of roller, transport chain and machinery.

Lubrication and noise reduction of low-speed gearboxes, toys, home appliances, computer accessories, and electronic motors.

Suitable for lubrication of central systems and various food machinery and transmission structures.


Standard model: BX-300/E(SG), BX-300/E(SG-1)

Specifications: 1KG / barrel, 5KG / barrel, 15KG / barrel (plastic barrel)

Storage: indoor, normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight


The above information is for reference only. The actual performance and application are subject to the customer test results. Please pay attention to the test. Please use it after the test.

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