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Use Guide for Linear Module Grease

There are several names for linear modules, linear modules, rectangular coordinate robots, linear slides, etc., which are automated upgrade units following linear guides, linear motion modules, and ball screw linear drive mechanisms. The linear and curved movement of the load can be realized through the combination of each unit, which makes the automation of light loads more flexible and more precise in positioning.


Advantages: more precise positioning


Working principle: the slider moves by driving the belt


Currently widely used linear modules can be divided into 2 types: timing belt type and ball screw type.

 Use Guide for Linear Module Grease

The main components of the synchronous belt linear module are: belts, linear guides, aluminum alloy profiles, couplings, motors, photoelectric switches, etc.


The ball screw type linear module is mainly composed of: ball screw, linear guide, aluminum alloy profile, ball screw support seat, coupling, motor, photoelectric switch, etc.


Linear modules are currently widely used in measurement, laser welding, laser cutting, glue spreading machines, spraying machines, punching machines, dispensing machines, small CNC machine tools, engraving and milling machines, sample plotters, cutting machines, transfer machines, Sorting machine, testing machine and applicable education and other places.


Product pain points: friction produces noise, wear and tear is not smooth


Main grease location: screw rod, slide rail


Problem solving: lubrication, noise reduction, good grease adhesion

 Use Guide for Linear Module Grease

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