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Guide to the Use of Grease for Concealed Damping Guide Rails

The damping slide rail is a kind of slide rail, which is a kind of sound absorbing and buffering effect that provides a buffer performance using liquid and an ideal buffer effect.


It relies on a new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the drawer. When the drawer is closed to the last distance, it will use hydraulic pressure to slow down the speed, reduce the impact force, and form a comfortable effect when closing. Even if you use force to push the drawer, it will close gently, ensuring perfect movement and quietness. Including fixed rail, middle rail, movable rail, ball, clutch and buffer, the buffer is installed in the fixed rail; the buffer includes a piston rod, a casing, and a piston. The piston is provided with through holes and holes, and the piston rod drives When the piston moves, the liquid can flow from one side to the other through the through hole, thereby playing a buffering and damping effect.


The hidden type is also called buffer slide, damping slide, and silent slide. Its advantages are smooth running, self-locking and closing, and soft rebound.

 Guide to the Use of Grease for Concealed Damping Guide Rails

Structure: rack and pinion + buffer + slide rail


Pain points: Plastic materials are easy to break and brittle. The mute effect is not good, the rebound speed of the buffer is too fast


Recommended grease: Baoxing 303 series. The enhanced grease has better adhesion and is easy to spread, the grease film is not very thick, and the noise reduction effect is better. It is recommended to use Baoxing silicone grease series for buffers, because it is divided into metal shell and plastic shell, so the thick and rare grease is required.


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