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Guidelines for Using Grease for Neck Massager

The motor, battery and transmission device are all arranged in the housing. The transmission device includes a worm, a pair of worm wheels and gear trains meshing on the left and right sides of the worm. The output shaft of the motor is coaxially connected with the worm to drive the pair of output shafts to rotate. The massage head is correspondingly installed on the transmission output shaft and protrudes out of the housing. The housing respectively accommodates the left and right transmission devices of a gear transmission system. The left and right transmission devices are engaged with the worm, and a torsion spring is also pivotally connected to the worm. And its ends are respectively against the left and right transmission device mounting parts.

 Guidelines for Using Grease for Neck Massager

grease location: worm gear


grease selection problem:


A customer of Baoxing Lubricant for a neck massager used ordinary butter for lubrication before using our grease, and used ordinary grease to lubricate the worm gear. Although it can achieve a certain degree of lubrication, the motor has a high speed. The voltage is generally 12V, the current is also low, and the gear diameter is also small. The noise-eliminating effect of ordinary grease is very unsatisfactory. Under long-term high temperature work, the grease is prone to softening and slinging of grease, and the plastic gear wear is serious. In addition, ordinary grease, because it is not configured for the structure of the product, has poor overall sound-absorbing, anti-wear, and anti-oxidation properties, and its service life will be greatly reduced. Customers have always worried that if they replace with custom-made grease, the cost of the product will be greatly increased and the profit of the product will be reduced.




By using the customized Baoxing 300 series high-precision gear silencer grease for testing, the noise reduction effect is significant after running the whole body life, the grease can also be well attached to the surface of the gear, and there is no wear on the surface of the gear. The current did not rise. Effectively extend the service life of the product. The cost is only one-third more than the old grease in the end, but the amount and loss of grease for each gearbox have been reduced, and the overall cost has risen sharply. Make the product more competitive in the market.


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