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Use damping grease skillfully to solve big troubles

Jan. 29, 2024

In our daily life, many devices will relax after being used for a period of time. At this time, if damping grease can be used in key parts, the problem of relaxation can be solved. Such as mobile phone holders, tablet holders, tripods, pan-tilts... By adding damping grease to the rotating parts, the looseness problem can be effectively solved.

 Use damping grease skillfully to solve big troubles

Damping grease is refined through a special process using special polymer base oil and high-purity thickener with anti-rust, waterproof, corrosion-resistant and other additives. It is a widely used high-resistance grease. The damping grease developed by Baoxing Lubricant has strong adhesion, is compatible with most plastics, has no corrosion to metals, is water-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, and dust-proof.


Damping grease is used in most electronic instruments and machinery to control their freedom of rotation and reduce noise. It can also be used to adjust the focal length of optical instruments. Using damping grease can control the rotation smoothly and silently. Damping grease is used on instruments with high resistance requirements. It not only blocks the parts where oil is used, but also acts as a buffer and waterproof seal.

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