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How to choose lubricating grease for centrifuge sealing ring

Jan. 30, 2024

Centrifuges can separate according to the size, shape, density and viscosity of the media in the solution. However, when the centrifuge is in use, the main bearing shock absorber and the sealing ring at the connection between the bearing base and the top base of the centrifuge need to be maintained with lubricating grease. Baoxing Lubricant will introduce in detail how to choose lubricating grease for centrifuge sealing rings.

 How to choose lubricating grease for centrifuge sealing ring

The selection of lubricating grease for centrifuge seal rings can be based on the following three points:

1. Use environment. The use environment of centrifuges usually has higher oil requirements than other equipment. There are high-temperature centrifuges and low-temperature centrifuges. The selected sealing ring lubricating grease needs to meet the corresponding high and low temperature requirements.

2. For working performance, high-speed centrifuges need to use high-speed lubricating grease, and high-load centrifuges need to use grease with good anti-wear properties.

3. Compatibility. The key point when selecting sealing ring lubricating grease is whether it is compatible with the sealing ring and cannot react with the sealing ring to cause corrosion.


I hope it can initially help everyone solve the problem of oil for centrifuge sealing rings. Of course, choosing the appropriate seal ring lubrication grease needs to be based on the actual situation. If you have any questions about grease application, please contact us at Baoxing Lubricant.

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