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How to Store and Use Food Grade Lubricants?

Sep. 17, 2020

Food-grade lubricating oil should be stored in a dry, ventilated and dark warehouse to prevent aging and deterioration of lubricating oil.

Methods of storage and use of food-grade lubricants:

1. Workshop statisticians store food-grade lubricants in the workshop warehouse and manage them according to chemicals;

2. When the maintenance personnel repair the equipment, receive the corresponding type of food-grade lubricant;

3. Add oil and lubricate according to the equipment spot inspection position, and cannot be omitted;

4. The fueling gun should be marked, such as "food-grade lubricating oil special gun";

5. It should be added appropriately each time it is used, not too much to prevent contamination to the food, and not too little, otherwise it will not provide lubrication;

6. After use, the nozzle of the oil gun should be wrapped to prevent contamination by foreign matter, dust, etc.;

7. The usage should be recorded after use, and more accurate usage can be obtained through multiple statistics;

8. After the equipment is maintained, the remaining lubricating oil should be kept well sealed, and then returned to the workshop warehouse for unified storage.

How to Store and Use Food Grade Lubricants?cid=5

Dongguan Baoxing Lubricant Co., Ltd.'s food-grade lubricant series products, with high-quality food-grade base oils, excellent wear resistance and high temperature resistance, have passed various NSF, ROHS and other food-grade safety certifications. Lubricants used in household appliances, food machinery and equipment can effectively improve product reliability, increase production efficiency, improve lubrication management, and realize the innovation of manufacturing lubrication management mode.

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