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Electric Vehicle Motor Structure Principle and Grease Use Standard

Motors are a large category, and their forms are also different according to their use environment and frequency. Different types of motors have different characteristics.

Electric Vehicle Motor Structure Principle and Grease Use Standard

Motors are divided into brushless motors and brushed motors according to their energization form. Brushed motors are mainly low-speed and high-torque motors, without transmission gears, which avoids mechanical wear, and there is almost no noise during operation, but brushless motors The starting current has a large impact and the control system structure is complicated. According to the mechanical structure of the motor assembly, it is generally divided into two categories: "toothed" (motor speed is high, and gear reduction is required) and "toothless" (motor torque output does not undergo any reduction). At present, there are a large number of electric bicycles on the market, and the electric motor used in electric scooters is the motor drive.


There are generally three types of electric drive methods for electric bicycles: 1. Friction drive type; 2. Bottom axle drive type; 3. Electric wheel hub type. Because the electric hub drive has the advantages of small size, light weight, low energy consumption, high efficiency, etc., the hub brush motor adopts advanced technology to improve the brush life, the motor efficiency is high, and the control system electronic circuit is simple. Bicycles are mostly in this way.


Currently, permanent magnet DC motors are commonly used in electric vehicle motors. The so-called permanent magnet motor refers to a method in which the motor cgrease is excited by permanent magnets instead of cgrease excitation. In this way, the electric energy consumed by the excitation cgrease is eliminated, and the electromechanical conversion efficiency of the motor is improved. This can reduce the driving current and extend the driving mileage for electric vehicles that use limited energy on-board.


Lubrication of the internal gear of the motor


If the running noise of the brushed geared hub motor and the brushless geared hub motor starts to increase, or the gears in the motor are replaced, all tooth surfaces of the gears should be coated with grease to achieve a friction reduction, lubrication and noise reduction effect . Since each planetary gear is equipped with a bearing, the lubricating grease applied to the gearbox cannot penetrate or the damping is too large. If the damping is too large, the phenomenon of grease rejection will occur


At present, a series of anti-wear, temperature-resistant and rust-resistant greases are formulated for electric bicycles. The addition of solid anti-wear elements such as molybdenum dioxide, graphite and PTFE can effectively enhance the service life and lubrication performance of electric bicycle motors. Baoxing has been Many well-known domestic brands prepare suitable high-temperature greases. Welcome to inquire.

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