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Guidelines for Using Grease for Electric Drying Racks

The intelligent electric clothes drying rack has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, suitable for all kinds of clothes poles, convenient and practical (taking and hanging convenient). The clothes drying rack solves the fundamental problems of high cost, complex structure and inconvenient use of the existing antiskid clothes hanger. When using the clothes fork to hang clothes to the cross bar, the included angle between the clothes hook and the clamping rod will automatically open 90 degrees under normal circumstances, leaving enough space for hanging on the cross bar.

Under the action of the gravity of the clothes hanger and clothes, the angle between the clothes hook and the clamping rod will become smaller, making the hook and the clamping rod form a grip force on the cross bar, rope and other supporting bodies, so as to play an anti-skid role. When the clothes fork is taken down, because there is an upward force, the angle between the clothes hook and the clamping rod will automatically increase, which is convenient to take off.

 Guidelines for Using Grease for Electric Drying Racks

Composition and structure: Air pole, hand crank, steering gear and top seat


Grease use position: Motor gear and roller position


Product pain points: High noise and weak anti-wear performance


Grease selection:

One of Baoxing's customers used Vaseline for lubrication before using our grease, which caused problems after long-term use.


Using vaseline to lubricate the motor gear and roller position can achieve a certain lubrication effect, but the motor's speed is high and the bearing weight is also large. The anti-wear and noise elimination effect of metal gear is very unsatisfactory. The working high temperature of Vaseline can only reach about + 80 degrees. Under long-term high-temperature operation, the grease is easy to soften and can not play the role of noise reduction, and the roller will also come out It is slipping. In addition, vas grease, because it is not for the structure of the product configuration grease, the overall sound attenuation, anti-wear, anti-oxidation performance is poor, the service life will be greatly reduced. Customers have been worried that the cost of the product will be greatly increased and the profit of the product will be reduced if it is replaced with special grease.


Solution: Through the use of Baoxing custom-made grease 120 series and 800 Series for roller position, and Baoxing 306 series for gear box testing, after running the overall life, the effect of reducing noise is remarkable, the grease can also adhere to the surface of the gear, the gear surface has no wear, high and low temperature work is stable, and there is no grease leakage in ten days. Effectively extend the service life of products. Compared with the old grease, the cost is only increased by one third, but the amount and loss of grease per gearbox are reduced, and the overall cost is obviously increased. Make the products more competitive in the market.


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