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BX-804 Series Multi-Purpose Silencer Damping Grease

BX-804 series multi-purpose silencer damping grease is made up of high quality mineral oil, synthetic oil and various additives. Suitable for lubrication, noise reduction, slow speed and shock resistance of all kinds of plastic or metal precision parts. Strong adhesion, easy to fly off, good water resistance, stable high and low temperature performance. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, in line with American ASTM-F963, European ROHS and REACH standards.

product description

Product Features

Test itemsBX-804BX-804/ABX-804/DTest Methods
ColourTransparent greaseTransparent greaseTransparent greaseIP196
Base oilSemi-synthetic oilSemi-synthetic oilSemi-synthetic oil
Penetration220-250175-205220-250GB/T 269
Consistency value (NLGI)343
Working temperature ℃-15℃, to +200℃-15℃ to +180℃-15℃ to +150℃
Drop point ℃nono250℃GB/T 3498
Flash point℃300℃300℃300℃
Copper corrosion (100 ℃/ 24Hrs)qualifiedqualifiedqualifiedGB/T 7326
Four ball test (40kg/1 Hrs /1200rpm/75℃)250KG250KG250KGGB/T 0202
Viscosity levelMedium to high viscosityMedium viscosityMedium to high viscosity

Temperature And Torque Value Changes

BX-804/A   Ambient temperature50℃35℃25℃15℃5℃0℃-10℃-20℃
Torque valueAbout 100About 108About 120About 128About 135About 140About 150About 160
BX-804 BX-804/DAmbient temperature50℃35℃25℃15℃5℃0℃-10℃-20℃
Torque valueAbout 130About 135About 140About 145About 150About 160About 170About 175

Scope 0f Application

Applicable to all types of large, medium and small gear transmission structures.

Good water resistance, suitable for all kinds of water supplies.

The damping force is moderate and the high and low temperature performance is stable.

It is necessary to dampen various types of rotation or up and down sliding parts of slow vibration resistance.


Standard models: BX-804, BX-804/A, BX-804/D

Specification: 15KG/ barrel (plastic barrel)

Storage: indoor, normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight


The above information is for reference only. The actual performance and application are subject to the customer test results. Please pay attention to the test. Please use it after the test.

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