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Guidelines for the Use of Grease for Automotive Headlight Regulators

Car headlights, also known as car headlights, car LED daytime running lights, as the eyes of a car, are not only related to the external image of a car owner, but also closely related to driving at night or safe driving in bad weather conditions. Car headlights are very important for driving safety, especially at night or when the light is low. Inside the car's lamp group, there is a car headlight adjuster. The function of the light adjuster is to adjust the direction of the headlights from the deviated direction to the standard direction, thereby improving the lighting effect of the headlights.

 Guidelines for the Use of Grease for Automotive Headlight Regulators

Composition: upper cover, micro motor, circuit control device, main box and adjusting screw


Working principle: The micro motor is connected with the adjusting screw through the transmission device to adjust the direction of the headlights.


Transmission device includes micro motor, plastic gear, output worm


Product pain point: the heat and noise generated by the friction of the gear set during the operation of the regulator.

Guidelines for the Use of Grease for Automotive Headlight Regulators 

In order to ensure the normal operation of the gearbox and its good noise reduction effect, the gears should be lubricated reasonably.


There are many types of gears for automobile headlight regulators. The motor torque and voltage of the same model are the same. The gears on the micromotor, the first-stage reduction gear and the second-stage reduction gear are different in size and specifications, and need to be distinguished during installation. Most gears will be made of plastic materials, such as steel/nylon/wave fiber and other related materials.


The principle of choosing lubricating grease: According to the number of revolutions of the motor, the final output revolution of the gear, the material of the gear, high and low temperature requirements, etc., configure gear silencers with different viscosities

Guidelines for the Use of Grease for Automotive Headlight Regulators

The pain points of customers choosing regulator silencer grease:


1. The wear resistance and life of the grease cannot meet the application requirements


2. The grease will become soft or dry under long-term high temperature work


3. Plastic gears are prone to wear, and the anti-wear and lubricating properties of the grease cannot meet the requirements


4. The grease viscosity is too large, which causes the current of the micro motor to rise


Baoxing Lubricant has developed a special grease for automobile headlight regulators. We have further improved the grease. The grease is based on high-quality synthetic grease and added with extreme pressure anti-wear, anti-oxidation and other additives, using a special process Refined special gear grease. This grease has moderate viscosity and is specially developed to meet the lubrication and noise reduction of gearbox reducers under high-speed operation. It has abrasion resistance and noise reduction, excellent adhesion, is not easy to lose grease, and has a small friction coefficient. Long-lasting noise reduction under speed conditions. And it has good anti-wear performance, strong load-bearing capacity, and good compatibility with most plastics and rubbers. At present, Baoxing has formed a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Ruizhi Auto Parts in this industry.


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