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How to choose the suitable High-temperature lubricating oil

Jul. 21, 2022

High-temperature lubricating oil is a high-temperature lubricant of synthetic ester compounds formulated in synthetic chemical base oils with high-performance additives. It is generally suitable for lubricating bearings, chains, tracks, motor gears, etc. with an ambient temperature of 260 °C or higher.

We should know that it is crucial to provide sufficient lubrication when its base oil viscosity is at operating temperatures. The viscosity is mainly affected by temperature, which decreases as the temperature rises, and it rises when the temperature drops.

Of course, we also need to know the viscosity of the base oil at operating temperatures. Greases that are too viscous will have a good noise reduction effect in the short term, but the shear will also become worse, and the low temperature resistance will also be affected. At the same time, the start-up current and power consumption will increase. Therefore, when we choose grease, we should choose the appropriate viscosity and consistency grease according to the ambient temperature and speed and requirements.

For the choice of high-temperature grease, it is mainly divided into friction reduction grease, protective grease, and sealing grease 3 kinds. In the selection, full consideration should be given to the impact of oxidation, corrosion, etc. on the grease. In high-temperature greases with high sealing properties, consider whether the substances you frequently come into contact with are metals or plastics, and you need to choose according to the actual situation you are facing.

Baoxing high temperature grease is made of compound soap thickened semi-synthetic lubricating oil, and is made with structural improvers, antioxidant additives and special anti-wear additives. It has excellent high temperature performance and oxidation stabilization performance, prevents grease from deteriorating at high temperature, and ensures long-term normal work of high temperature lubrication parts; Good lubricity, protecting bearings and reducing wear; Excellent comprehensive performance to ensure a long service life of the bearing; High temperatures and high loads do not dry out or form harmful impurities.

Baoxing lubricating Co., Ltd. can provide gear grease samples for free and design the project about the use of lubricants with improvement suggestions. Customizing lubricants for for China's manufacturing industry suitable lubricating oil, is our mission and responsibility. If there are any technical problems, Baoxing technical team can propose a project to assistance at 24 hours.

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