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Dongguan Baoxing Lubricating Oil: Creating personalized lubrication solutions for customers!

Dongguan Baoxing Lubricant Co., Ltd. has been focusing on lubricant production, research and development, and sales for 18 years; At the same time, we specialize in the special lubricants and greases of the Baoxing brand, which are customized and assembled for manufacturing products. As an independent brand, we have long adhered to product quality as the backing, virtue and integrity as the foundation, customer service as the purpose, and the industry responsibility of transformation and far-reaching development. We pay attention to the personalized needs of consumers and have won high praise from market users.

 Dongguan Baoxing Lubricating Oil: Creating personalized lubrication solutions for customers!

The three-year changes in the epidemic have not repelled Baoxing. Led by General Manager Mei Jie, all Baoxing personnel have carried out offline and online reforms, creating a new market situation in the new era, providing a broad space for the Baoxing lubricant industry and posing unprecedented challenges to the transformation of the enterprise. Embracing the changes of the times, how can Baoxing ride the wind? As the General Manager of Baoxing Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., Mei Jie listened to her talk about Baoxing's strategies and brand's new situation.


Mei Jie, General Manager of Dongguan Baoxing Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., innovates and creates a point-to-point lubrication solution to create Baoxing lubricating oil!


Industry insiders who are familiar with Baoxing Lubricants are all impressed by their brand philosophy. In the development of the enterprise, Baoxing has always tailored high-quality and cost-effective environmentally friendly non-toxic lubricating oils and fats for the manufacturing industry with accompanying services as the company's business policy. It takes the production of excellent products as its own responsibility and surpasses customer expectations as its goal, delivering satisfactory answers to the market one by one.

 Dongguan Baoxing Lubricating Oil: Creating personalized lubrication solutions for customers!

General Manager Mei Jie specially introduced to us two R&D products of Baoxing Lubricating Oil, the Baoxing Food Grade Lubricating Oil Series, which uses high-quality food grade base oil, is wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and has excellent performance. It is a stable solid or semi-solid product that can be refined by adding additives and fillers aimed at improving certain characteristics of food grade lubricants. Mei Jie stated that Baoxing's food grade lubricants comply with food grade FDA and NSF H1 validation, as well as European environmental standards such as ROHS and REACH. In addition, Baoxing's perfluoropolyether lubricating grease has excellent high-temperature stability, which can maintain its lubrication performance under extreme temperature conditions. It can withstand the corrosion of various chemical substances, including acids, bases, solvents, etc., and will not react with other substances or produce harmful substances. It is not easy to oxidize and decompose, and will not produce sediment or residue at high temperatures, thereby extending the service life of the equipment. It can be used in food, medical, and other sensitive fields.


As an important achievement of the company's consolidation of scientific research strength and professional technological innovation, Baoxing Special Oil specializes in "point by point" lubrication solutions. Different performance oils are configured in a device or product based on actual working conditions, which can perfectly solve the pain points of the device or product in a point by point manner! We are constantly developing lubricants for various special environments. We can also customize lubrication solutions according to customer requirements, such as service life, wear, noise, sealing, etc., to meet more professional requirements.


The "split point" lubrication scheme, with clear theory and scientific methods, combined with the actual pain points of equipment and products, has been tailor-made by Baoxing and has been recognized by the industry, receiving high praise from market consumers. Meijie is very proud of this: Baoxing's tailor-made grease for the manufacturing industry has been used in many devices and products. It has been proven that our oil products have effectively helped customers improve economic efficiency, successfully helping equipment and products in various industries to continue working, with higher efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. We use innovative technologies to promote sustainability and lay the foundation for the harmonious coexistence and common development of industry and the environment. Protecting the environment is the driving force behind our continuous development of new products.

 Dongguan Baoxing Lubricating Oil: Creating personalized lubrication solutions for customers!

Faced with this pain point in the industry, Meijie deeply understands that in the rapidly changing era, enterprises are not only required to meet the existing needs of customers, but also to carefully listen to user voices, understand user feelings, and focus on user experience. For this reason, Dongguan Baoxing attaches great importance to the construction of customer channels, starting from the perspective of practical experience, striving to bring products to every site in need and provide services to every customer's heart. In terms of customer relations, Dongguan Baoxing continuously integrates advantageous resources from various industries, matches higher quality products, and creates more demand through product differentiation and specialization; Maximize customer experience and bring them a unique feeling.

Looking ahead to the future, Meijie is full of confidence in the prospects of the Baoxing brand. "We will continue to explore new products," Mei said enthusiastically. "The key to new products is to have specialized and personalized products that meet existing needs while also driving related extensions!" We welcome everyone to witness together!

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