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Beverage Industry High Pressure Homogenizer

Common equipment lubrication in beverage factories


Common equipment in beverage factories: raw material workshop containing sugar, extraction and other mixing tank reduction gearbox, homogenizer packaging workshop crystallizer, injection molding machine (preform machine), bottle blowing machine

 Beverage Industry High Pressure Homogenizer

Filling workshop: aseptic filling machine, hot-filling filling machine


Packing workshop: capping (capping) machine, labeling/sleeving machine, film wrapping machine, palletizing machine for packing


High-pressure homogenizer: lubrication part-hydraulic circuit


Lubrication difficulties: hydraulic shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, fluid collision and other phenomena are uneven, and there is a risk of contaminating materials


Lubrication solution: BX-300/E(120/A) series food grade hydraulic grease, strong grease film, good extreme pressure performance, good anti-emulsification, NSF H1 food grade eliminates hidden dangers of physical and chemical pollution

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