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Grease Application in Baking Industry

Common equipment lubrication in bakery


Common equipment lubrication points in bakery plants: tunnel furnace chain, kneading machine motor gear, dough divider cutter, dough fermentation workshop conveyor chain, filling mixer gear box, bearing, rotary furnace shaft roller, packaging machine movable rod, knife edge Kneading machine: lubrication part-motor gear

Grease Application in Baking Industry

Lubrication problem: slow speed, long grease use time, grease will sling, causing gear wear


Lubrication solution: BX-435/F(2) is a high-viscosity grease with strong anti-wear ability and lubrication after high temperature


Rotary furnace: lubrication part-shaft roller


Lubrication problem: high temperature, lubrication, anti-wear


Lubrication solution: BX-300/F (DF-5) food grade fluorinated grease, high temperature can reach 300℃, long service life, 300℃ grease change is small, grease change interval is recommended for half a year


Tunnel furnace: lubrication part-chain


Lubrication problem: high temperature, smoke, carbon deposit


Lubrication solution: BX-300/E(120/A) food grade high temperature chain grease, high temperature can reach 300℃


No smoke, no carbon deposits, separation of residues blocked in the lubrication gap, clean friction points, remove grinding

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