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BX-434/A(2)-JR Multi-Purpose Food Grade Waterproof Grease

BX-434/A(2)-JR Multi-purpose food grade waterproof grease uses low-resistance synthetic oil as base oil and is added with conductive medium of copper powder or aluminum powder. Stable high and low temperature performance, suitable for lubrication and oxidation prevention of various high, medium and low current switch contacts. 

Excellent Good conductivity, can enhance the sensitivity of the joint, effectively prevent carbon deposit, protect the copper surface, reduce oxidation and wear, more suitable. 

It is used in all kinds of transmission gear structure, good wear resistance, effective protection of gear surface, enhanced service life and extreme pressure resistance.

product description

Product Features

Test ItemsBX-434/A(2)-JRTest Methods
ColourTransparent yellowIP196
Base oilSemi-Synthetic oil
Penetration265-295GB/T 269
Consistency value (NLGI)2
Working temperature℃-25℃ to +200℃
Drop point ℃270℃GB/T 3498
Flash point ℃300℃GB/T 7326
Volume resistivity ohm-cm1X1013ohm-cmGB/T 0202
Copper corrosion (100 ℃ / 24Hrs)qualifiedIP196

Scope of application

Low-speed gearboxes, toys, household appliances, computer accessories, motor gearbox lubrication and anti-wear.

All kinds of switches and electrical contact surfaces.

All kinds of metal surfaces such as copper, aluminum and silver.

Compatible with all kinds of plastics.

Non-toxic, in line with American ASTM-F963, 16P, REACH and European RoHS standards, NSF H2.

Standard model: BX-434/A(2)-JR

Packing specification: 15KG (plastic barrel)

Storage: indoor, normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight

The above information is for reference only. The actual performance and application are subject to the customer test results. Please pay attention to the test. Please use it after the test.

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