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Grease for Fishing Reels

Fishing reel is also called fish reel and reel. It has the functions of line storage, take-up and pay-off. It is mainly composed of main shaft, gear plate, side cover and other structures. The wheel is equipped with a pulling force device, which can be adjusted when walking the fish. Outlet resistance, has the function of not easy to break, and accelerate the fatigue of fish


The disadvantage of this kind of fishing reel is that the revolving speed of the fishing reel is often faster than the line-out speed during casting. If it is not well grasped, the line disorder will occur.


The reel will have many gears, so for a period of time, we need to inject lubricating grease to make it not easy to rust or wear. If you go fishing, because the salinity of seawater is relatively high, it is easier to make the reel rust, which will reduce its service life.

 Guide to the Use of Grease for Fishing Reels

Spindle: easy to rust, noisy, not smooth


Sprocket: friction does not rotate smoothly, jams, and there is sound


Side cover: Rust


Grease is required to have water resistance, because it is often in contact with water, it needs low temperature resistance, and the durability of the grease should be good. Because the gear structure here is complex, it is generally not easy to disassemble. Many fishing reels are used once The method of injecting lubricating grease requires that the grease is not easy to volatilize.


Transmission part→sprocket gear rod transmission


Grease requirements: temperature around 120℃-25℃


Viscosity requirements: not too viscous, not too thick, 1 or 2 consistency is more suitable.


Skateboard (S slot) and carriage block moving parts,


Temperature requirement: around 120℃-25℃, viscosity requirement: high or medium viscosity, mainly used to prevent the impact sound generated by the collision surface between the sliding plate (S groove) and the drag papaya block, generally used for this position Grease is required to have a certain viscosity, but it should not be too thin, and the consistency is about No. 1 or No. 2.


Brake part→Wool felt, grease washer, laminated wool felt combined into washer brake components, temperature requirement: -25℃— -150℃ or above, viscosity requirement: good lubricity, high temperature resistance, strong abrasion resistance, can penetrate into China In the company, the current location temporarily uses 434/1, 300/A, 602/0 and other such greases.


Spindle position → Mainly for lubrication, mostly liquid-flowing lubricating grease, if you use grease, you can only use semi-fluid lubricating grease, such as 308/D or silicone grease, 120/00, etc.


Successful cooperation case


Zhejiang Haibao Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd., the newly-developed fishing gear plate found to be noisy during simulated use. In order to effectively reduce the noise and ensure its better lubricating transmission performance, we understand that the customer’s gear set is made of copper. It also needs to achieve a sealing effect. The customer has no requirements for the temperature of the grease, mainly to achieve the sound-absorbing and waterproof effect. At the beginning, we recommended a grease with a better sound-absorbing effect, but the customer reported that the viscosity of the grease was too large and the gear appeared heavy when it was rotating , On this basis, we have reduced the viscosity of the grease, and on the basis of ensuring the silencer effect, it can also run smoothly without stuttering and cumbersome.

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