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Share with you the customized Baoxing lubricating oil!

After 18 years of deep cultivation, Baoxing Lubricating Oil has served tens of thousands of manufacturing enterprises nationwide and has become a professional brand in various industries and food processing industry. Eighteen year Baoxing provides customized solutions, providing customers with the most suitable oil solution, and providing free guidance on using lubricating oil to solve lubrication problems with structural accuracy.

 Share with you the customized Baoxing lubricating oil!

Baoxing has established analysis rooms, comprehensive laboratories, physical and chemical testing rooms, precision instrument rooms, dust-free workshops, and other facilities. It has introduced internationally advanced spectral analysis and testing instruments and has established close cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions for a long time. We can provide customers with comprehensive testing and analysis services that meet the latest domestic and international standards, covering peripheral fields such as lubricants. With strong research and technological innovation capabilities, we can provide one-stop product technical services for customers in areas such as formula reduction improvement, process analysis, industrial problem solving, and product testing. Since our establishment, we have been continuously developing lubricants for various special environments to meet the needs of our customers. We can also customize lubrication solutions according to customer requirements, such as service life, wear, noise, sealing, etc., to meet more professional requirements.

 Share with you the customized Baoxing lubricating oil!

Customized packaging to meet different customer needs, we follow up with customer requests to customize lubricating oil packaging. The packaging types can be divided into special small packaging lubricants such as hoses, plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, corrugated pipes, rubber hoses, syringes, etc. After long-term continuous improvement and accumulation, the company has multiple sets of advanced oil canning equipment and a complete variety of packaging. It can customize oil and packaging types according to customer requirements, with high production capacity, short delivery time, precise weight, exquisite packaging, and quality assurance! We can customize professional oil dispensing solutions according to customer needs. We use professional oil dispensing equipment to add lubricating grease to the required parts, which can effectively reduce oil waste and save oil costs; Improve the efficiency and accuracy of oil injection, and better extend the service life of equipment. The product is widely used in workshop production lines, oil change centers, steel plants, automobile manufacturing, fully automatic assembly lines, shipbuilding, railways, steel, and lubrication of heavy machinery.

 Share with you the customized Baoxing lubricating oil!

The customization process for lubricating oil is as follows: from sample design to sample testing, a solution can be provided within 24 hours at the earliest. The latest production cycle for new products can be 7-10 days to complete the normal shipment of finished products, and the minimum production volume can be customized. Our vision of Baoxing people is to tailor high-quality and cost-effective environmentally friendly non-toxic lubricating oils and fats for the Chinese manufacturing industry - ensuring good oil quality and safety for the Chinese manufacturing industry is our mission and responsibility of Baoxing!

 Share with you the customized Baoxing lubricating oil!

Dongguan Baoxing Lubricant Co., Ltd. has been specializing in lubricant production, research and development, and sales for 18 years, with over 18 years of experience in product customization and lubricant application cases! And obtain both domestic and international NSF dual certification and halal food grade lubricant certification! Free distribution of lubricating oil samples, design oil solutions and improvement suggestions. If there are technical issues, the Baostar technical team will provide assistance 24 hours a day. Welcome to call for consultation!

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